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EpicLeveler VelitesPetty Office
Hello everyone!

Thank you for accepting me into 5th Dimension under World of Warships. I am a somewhat cometant player with a few years expiriance with the game.

Some may recognize me from my time in NGA and may have seen me around the TS due to my diplomat status.

For those that dont know me, I have been quite active in the world of warships competitive scene a part of 2 supremacy league seasons, 2 KOTS competitions, summer slaughter events, and helping to develop and participate in the Tournament of Warriors semi competitive tournament. I have also been in 2 seasons of clan battles with NGA_A as a storm team and a typhoon team.

I mainly use battlrships and cruisers, and if you see me on, feel free to send me an invite to a division. However, there will be some times I wont be able to as I am also a SuperTester in game and have to meet certain deadlines and may not have time to play with others. Thanks for understanding in advance!

Thats pretty much me as a player in a nutshell.
Thanks for having me, and i hope to see people around to play with!

Posted May 7, 18 · OP
Major_Steel Gamer5th LeaderArmored WarfLoL
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Hello Epic, I got you set up on our Discord for TWA. I hope the boys got you set up on TeamSpeak. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

Thanks for joining. I hope you have some fun.

Posted May 7, 18
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