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Hey everyone,

So Flip here. I am trying to get a group of people together who would be interested in playing an older star wars game. The game is from 2003 so the graphics are not that of todays standards but are still pretty good IMO. I have started a 5D guild on star wars galaxies on the emulator that i play on. So if anyone would like to join me and miss the good ole days of runnign around being a repub soldier or an imperial guy let me know. I have made an copy of my install disc just incase someone needs an install. If you are curious as to what this game looks like, Youtube it. Just note that on this emulator you will not be starting off as a jedi. That would have to be earned. Other than that i hope you will come join me and we can have some fun runnign around being whatever we want int he Star Wars Galaxy
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