Aslains and OMC are bannable modpacks!

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So, 7 days ago my wife alyse was banned for 7 days. Reasoning : supposive illegal mods. But what mods? Well Wg will not go into details, even after the python log was uploaded as well as the entire resmods and res folder to prove the only pack installed was Aslains. Here is the official bann letter from WG:

Dear Player,

An investigation was performed on your account and you were found to be in violation of the EULA.


“3.2 (b) interfere with or circumvent any feature of the Software or the Service, including without limitation any security, or access control mechanism, or use any automated scripts, tools, “bots” or otherwise exploit the system for the purpose of altering the game play …. “

We have placed a 7-day account suspension for this infraction. We kindly request that you please remove anything that interacts with your World of Tanks client that may be considered as automated scripts, tools, “bots” or programs that otherwise exploit the system for the purpose of altering gameplay.

We also suggest cleaning your registry to remove any botting scripts or mod files from your client folders.
We would like you to follow these steps to remove any leftover registry entries from your previous installation.

1) Download CCleaner (select the green download button and then select
2) Install and run the CCleaner;

: - In the CCleaner program, please click on *registry*;

: - Near the bottom of the program, click *scan for issues* and then click *fix selected issues*;

3) While you are still inside the CCleaner software, please click on *cleaner* (upper left hand of application); second, click *analyze*, and then click *run cleaner*. Please note that if you are prompted to save a backup of your registry, click yes
4) Quit CCleaner.

Please note that continued use of prohibited mods will result in a permanent game suspension of your game account.

~Wargaming Customer Support

So when I questioned them, and not in such a nice Fu***** way on section “3.2 (b) of the EULA this section would imply to any 3rd party modpack, that alters the game files, game folders, or the security or integrity of the game.

As seen in this response from WG :
Specifically: Any third party mod pack is subject to section 3.2 (b) of our EULA as it can and does interfere with and/or circumvent with out software. Furthermore, Aslain and OMC mod packs exploit the system by altering game play vs a player who runs the game vanilla.

~Wargaming Customer Support

So there yea have it, NOW NOT ONLY ARE ILLEGAL MODS BANNABLE, BUT ANY 3RD PARTY MOD PACK! So, I contacted a good ole friend of mine, one who has said Fuc* you to WG for many many years on the issue at hand. Asking how does WG track if you are using a mod pack or not and or if it is a legal one or not? His response was quite educational, and backed up Wg response to all 3rd party mod packs being bannable.

We all know Aslains and OMs contain Pmods Who is Pmods developer? A good friend of mine Plazmakeks. So let's see what he has to say on the issue:

(plazmakekspmk@****.com) wrote: Cory, sad to head WG banned your wife!
WG is using s a so called points system to track users.
How is the system working: to many targets shot from to far away - 1 point, to many targets hit without using sniper mode - 2 points, blind shots ( guessing where that arty is) ( figuring that spotted, now dissapeared tank didnt move yet) - 3 points. We both know illegal mods offer programs for this, but so do legal mod packs. such as AA, Auto aim, Direction Indicator, etc etc. all of which WG wants in the game, but exclusively as part of a game they own! So, After some time, the points are added and some users just stick out, and others they guess at.
It's not a mod that is registered (since WG has no scanning tool, proven by any major NA, EU and RU forum), it's specific in game behavior when using mods and mod packs like Aslains and OMC. See people tend to forget that they are now seeing and reacting faster due to much better situational awareness, created because of these mod packs, the Wg point system is picking up on this trend and it is designed to know what is too fast of a gain! So in essence, WG has made any and all mod packs illegal at their discretion!

The bad news about a points system is it takes a lot of time to be 100% sure. So, if you played recklessly or used some unprotected mod (unlike Aslain or OMG or a Illegal mod Pack) in the past year. You are on the list. If you got reported to often, your stats will be review by a badly trained monkey working for WG.

The past cannot be changed, let's worry about the future.

Using ccleaner to clean wot is useless (next WG stupidity on display here!!!!), use WMCleaner:
You can use legal mod packs from WG wot HUB but even people who used mod packs from there got banned for a week or life since the badly trained monkeys have concluded that an average player cannot play like they do.
So, just clean the game client with WMCleaner and hope for the best (if you are not already on the list)

This is a s honest as I can be, don't get me wrong, I would be pissed as hell if this happened to me, just like you are!
But also, I will not stop playing the way that I'v played for the past 4+ years. Fuck WG!!

Kind regards PlazmaKeks.

So there yea have it. from the creator of most legal mods himself, use em, play at your own risk!!
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