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Good day all,
I go by many names;
Wow: Julius13pf
Steel ocean: Julius13
Crossout: Julius13PF
War thunder: julius13PF
Arena TW: juliuspfpf

To mention only the one i've played lately.
In the past 2-3 years I was more focused with steel ocean to fight in fleet battles.

In the past year or so I have slowly changed my focus to crossout and wow. But wow kinda won me over since I was more used to naval battles and made more sense until I found out about Arena. I was sold to Arena very quickly since I'm a long standing fan of all total war franchises. In the past 3 months or so I have focused on it 100% and learned a lot from defeats/wins but even more by experienced players that I have played with.
I originally wanted to joined DIIN but they are in EU server and I am NA which made it complicated for TWA.

I have learned a great deal and have managed to get two tier 10 units and many many more in 7-8 range. I am committed to this game and looking forward to compete for 1st place in clan war.

Having the backing of a great gaming community is huge in succeeding in competitive games. I wish that this game will make it to international level competition.

Thank you and see you on the battle field.

It's better to have an army of sheeps lead by a lion than an army of lions lead by a sheep. Alex the great.
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Welcome Julius!!!

I hope we can build TWA into a large group with all styles of play.

Let me know if you need or if you have any questions.

Posted Feb 13, 18
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