Logging some serious hours in Real Life - The Simulation

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Evening all,

Wanted to post this up last week but if i'm honest I thought i'd just sneak back into TS this week and no one would notice I had been away :lol: . However, career and new training oppurtunities have arisen and are priority one at the moment meaning I'm down to near zero hours for gaming. I will keep everything updated so if the chance arises I can hop in (WoWs, SC, SE etc) but those chances are few and far between and usually reserved for the other half :cool: as she does need some tlc now and again lol. My apologies to all as I did leave 2017 thinking I would have a good chunk of time to enjoy with you more Clan battles and 3.0 Star Citizen in 2018 and its not going that way so far and for the forseeable future. I will still be around checking on the website from time to time and perhaps getting a game or two in on WoWs. If the EU lads have issues with my logging time PM me and we can chat about it. I will continue to be a member of 5D and at least try to keep up to date and participate on the forums from time to time.
Much love all and a happy new year :thumb: ,

Posted Jan 8, 18 · OP
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Glad you are busy in real life. No problem. Stop in if and when you are able. You will always have a place. All the best.

Posted Jan 8, 18
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