father and real live issues

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hi everyone,

I'm becoming a father in the very near future.. so my weekends are going to be planned full (by my wife ;) )
so i could only play during the week... but since i have been transferred to a new ship, i can't play on mobile data anymore....

so all short... i have to quit the game for a long time... so ill leave the clan for now.. no point in taking a spot which isn't used....

when i will return i definitely will apply here again...

fair well and good seas!!!
Posted Nov 27, 17 · OP
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Best of luck to you and your new family. Hop in when you are able. We will miss you.

Posted Nov 27, 17
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congrats on becoming a daddy mate ....... im also going to be AFK for over a week from today as im going for some winter sun in lanzarote :)
Posted Nov 29, 17
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